Booking info

Pricing Information

Prices vary with number of occupants and with time of booking. A little tip: the earlier you book, the more you save. The price does not include the local tourist tax of € 2.10 per person per night (for guests aged 14 upwards), which is payable on site. 

Booking information

Updated booking conditions (valid until 25 April 2022)

  • Cancellation:
    You can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 7 days prior to arrival.
    - You can also change your booking.
    - For cancellations less than 7 days before arrival, late arrival or early departure, 30% of the agreed amount will be charged.
  • Deposit: No deposit / credit card is required to confirm the booking.

Do you want to play it safe? We recommend the Wieser cancellation service

N. B.: Notice of cancellation must always be in writing! These cancellation terms apply regardless of whether the rooms in question are subsequently re-let, either wholly or in part.


To confirm your reservation, we ask for a deposit of 30% of the agreed amount. Payment can be made in one of the following ways:

  • Bank transfer
    Account holder: Hotel Wieser
    Branch: Cassa Raiffeisen of Campo di Trens
    IBAN: IT 77 M 08249 58260 000300019402
  • Credit card
    You can pay your deposit on our website using your credit card. 
  • Confirming a booking without a deposit
    You can also confirm your booking without paying a deposit, by providing us with your credit card details, either by e-mail or by phone.


  • Up to 21 days before arrival cancellation is free. Your deposit will be refunded. A sum of € 10.00 will be retained for processing purposes.
  • For cancellations less than 21 days before arrival, late arrival or early departure, 30% of the agreed amount will be charged.

Wieser cancellation service

Do you want to play it safe? Then book the Wieser cancellation service:
in this way, you can cancel your booking free of charge up to your day of arrival, and you will also be covered in the event of late arrival or early departure. This optional service costs only € 8.00 per night and room and can only be added at the time of booking. Payment is made upon confirmation of booking and is non-refundable.