A family history

Hotel Wieser in Campo di Trens near Vipiteno – is a real family-run business, run by many generations.

The roots of the Hotel are even deeper: The middle building is telling a story itself. It dates back to the eleventh century and was also called “der Turm” (The Tower).  “Der Turm” functioned as a signal tower of both Castle Sprechenstein and Castle Tasso nearby. This part of the Hotel is protected as a historic monument and therefore the heart of the house.

Let us accompany you on a journey through time and discover the story of our hotel:

  • In the High Middle Ages the tower belonged to the lords of Stilves who were the ministers of the bishops of Bressanone. In 1173 the tower was assigned to the Castle Tasso, which was the main castle of the bishops.
  • Hans Stummelbeck, citizen of Vipiteno, purchased the tower.
    Since 1430, the "tower" also serves as a refuge and inn.
  • Paul Mair, landlord, stored 22 Yhre ( 1 Yhre = 77,81 litre) wine this year. Compared to other taverns, he stored much less wine. His tavern was the only one in Stilves. This year he sold 17 Yhre.
  • Landlord Hans Klemben died. He did not only own the tower but also many fields and the “Finkengut” with the farm, the stable. The garden and the baking oven. (The “Finkengut” is now the annexe of the hotel)
  • Georg Seeber purchased the tavern. In the land register is written “A tavern where you can drink and eat, called “der Turm”, with baking oven and garden 17 fathoms long”
    (1 fathom = 1,80 m)
  • Anna Sparber Wieser buys the tower and from this point on then Family Wieser welcome their guests to this historic building
  • In the parish chronicles is written: “The walls (of the tower) are 5-6 feet wide and there is an extension. The house is protected as a historic monument. The tower of the lords of Stilves is integrated in the building, mentioned in 1140. Later they added a neo-Gothic, carved “Gaststube” (Parlor).”
    1843 is also written: “Stilves has a beautiful, new and extended tavern. The landlords are really friendly and serve delicious and cheap wine.
  • Josef Leo Wieser, landlord and farmer, took over the tavern with his wife Annemarie. The tavern belonged to his parents, Josef and Maria.
  • Josef renovated the tavern completely. It became a hotel with 26 rooms, a bar and a restaurant.
  • Joachim Wieser, the son of Josef, took over the hotel with his wife Heidi. Since this year, they manage the hotel. Small renovations and a new heating system were carried out by Joachim and Heidi
  • The construction of a new Spa: Swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath are made.
  • Construction of a new annexe with 16 Superior rooms and suites. Johannes, his son, became manager of the reception.
  • The main building, still called “der Turm” by the members of the family, is being completely renovated and updated: New rooms and suites, new restaurant with panoramic view, processing of the already existing “Stuben”, new bar with a comfortable lounge and new entrance area with reception.

We are already looking forward welcoming you in the “new” Hotel Wieser.
Family Wieser and co workers