A journey into the past

A journey into the past
Personal stories

What would these ancient walls say if they could break their lengthy silence? Probably enough to fill several volumes. Some interesting facts about origins of this place have been passed down to the present day...

Exterior view 1880

Let's go back to 1144. This was the year the building was erected that would one day house the Hotel Wieser. In the Early Mediaeval Period, it was known as "La Torre" and first served as a signalling tower for Tasso Castle, and later as a bishop's seat. 
In 1392, the building became a hostel and an inn, welcoming people from all parts of the world. It passed through the hands of various owners over the centuries. But in 1825, everything changed, when the building was acquired by one of our forebears, Anna Sparber. And so the story of the Wieser family began. 
In 1980, the hotel was renovated throughout. Annemarie and Peppi, Joachim's parents, gave the place a new lease of life. But the heart of the hotel, "The Tower", still remained. 
In 2003, Heidi and Joachim took over the reins. In the years that followed, they were seldom idle. Indeed, they undertook a series of projects, including building the swimming pool in 2006. 
In 2016, Johannes decided to follow in his parents' footsteps. The hotel began to take on its current form. Castles in the air turned into plans, and these plans became reality. The annexe was built. 
But the really big change came in 2019. The main building was totally refurbished. At that point, the 4-star Hotel Wieser entered a new era. But you can still sense the historic atmosphere in every corner of the main house, and also enjoy the welcoming setting and feeling of warm hospitality.

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