An adventurous summer

A thrilling time

"One day, honey, we'll be old and think of all the stories we could have told." Do you feel like the singer Julia Engelmann too, every now and then? We all have a list of things we want to do, like diving into the cold waters of a stream, white water rafting, paragliding to see the world from a different perspective, or even hitting a golf ball at 200 km/h on a putting green...

And when, if not now?


When the “tamers of rivers” are not busy wrestling with the current and facing terrifying rapids, you can find them in the Isarco Valley where, as expert guides, they will take you on exciting adventures on the water. We are talking about the Tiger Rafting team, who can be found directly in Stilves, in the sports centre next to the football field. 

Rafting in Sterzing


The sky is clear; the visibility is excellent and the currents are warm too. A perfect day for a trip "to the seventh heaven". Thanks to the Ridnaun paragliding club, your childhood dreams can come true! For those who have their own paragliders, we highly recommend Monte Cavallo, Ellesweisen and the Gewinge hut in the Ridanna Valley. 



A driving range of 250 m in length and width, with 7 test holes and every type of water obstacle: the Vipiteno Golf Club allows experts and beginners to lower their handicap and hit the ball with an intense swing and send it directly in the hole. For a perfect hole-in-one, you need talent but also plenty of practice; that's why young and old can take part in trial courses, and even take the exam to obtain the qualification as a licensed golfer.

As a PREMIUM PARTNER of the Golf Club Sterzing the greenfee, trolley and golf-club rental are free of charge for our guests.
 Golf Club Sterzing


horseback riding

"The greatest happiness in the world is found on the back of a horse." Closeness to a horse and a feeling of unity and mutual trust have a beneficial effect on the body and soul and make riding a truly special experience.

The horse farm “Zingerlehof” is situated in Maria Trens, just a few minutes away from the hotel. With the instructor and therapist Damaris you can take your first riding lesson and/or improve on your skills horseback riding through the meadows and woods.

Horseback Riding

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