In and around Stilves on your bike

Every ride is a mini-holiday

With each push on the pedals and with each breath you take, your mind is cleared
and you can focus on what really matters. Keen cyclists have known this for a long time: the sport brings pure happiness... ... and it tightens the calves! In short, a win-win situation!

Gourmet tip!
The Klammalm hut has the best "snack" and the best grey cheese in South Tyrol! It can be reached on foot (1 hour) or by e-bike

- Heidi
A holiday on two wheels at the Wieser

A holiday on two wheels at the Wieser

  • Bicycle and e-bike rental at the hotel
  • Bike in, bike out: from our hotel you can reach all the side valleys, including Vipiteno and Bressanone
  • Strategic position on the Munich - Venice cycle path

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Whether you have a bicycle or e-bike, or wish to go on a leisurely ride or a more challenging one, the Upper Isarco Valley offers something for all tastes and for all levels of fitness. Here are our 3 favourite tours:


"Citizen" tours

You're spoilt for choice... It's true, because it is possible to discover something new every day. Today we go from the Hotel Wieser to the episcopal city of Bressanone.
And tomorrow, to the artistic town of Chiusa. We wander along the quiet streets of the old town, admire the window displays, enjoy a delicious ice cream and quench our thirst with a refreshing drink.
Too tired to cycle any further? No problem: thanks to the ActiveCard you can return to Stilves free of charge by train.


"Citizen" tours

E-Bike tour to the Valtiglalm mountain hut

 Mareta,  2:07 hrs,  22.2 km,  737 hm,  Medium difficulty
Through meadows filled with aromatic herbs, past old farms in the direction of Gasse, and again in the romantic Valtigltal valley to the mountain hut of the same name. What's so special about it? The Valtiglalm hut is one of the most characteristic in the area, and is known for its high quality typical cuisine. Animals are allowed to roam freely, as in the past. A unique experience.

Unique experience tip!
By e-bike to the Valtiglalm mountain hut in Ridanna. You'll receive a warm welcome, and chickens, rabbits and pigs roam free...

- Johannes
E-Bike tour to the Valtiglalm mountain hut

On Monte Cavallo without cable car - by bike

 Monte Cavallo base station,  3.5 hrs,  24.5 km,  960 hm,  Medium difficulty
Of course, you can reach Monte Cavallo easily by cable car, but we would like to suggest something more adventurous: climbing the local mountain of Vipiteno on your bicycle! The top is reached going up and down along paved paths and through woods and meadows. And once you arrive, the characteristic huts await you with a stunning view of the Isarco Valley, Upper Isarco Valley and the Dolomites.

On Monte Cavallo without cable car - by bike

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