Sightseeing: the towns of South Tyrol

Plenty to see and do

The towns of South Tyrol have a lot to offer in terms of culture and shopping. Thanks to its strategic location, it is easy to go on a day trip to any town from Hotel Wieser. So, are you in the mood for some shopping? After all, as Carrie Bradshaw said: "Shopping is my cardio."


Vipiteno |  5 minutes

What to do:
Tour of the town

walking through the historic streets, surrounded by coloured walls, to hear the stories of yesterday and today, and to discover many secrets.

  • The Red Carpet
    Shopping event that takes place in September/October
    A walk on the red carpet (but without the paparazzi) to be photographed as real stars and enjoy browsing the delightful shops in town.
  • Canederli festival
    And in September "the Oscar goes to"... Canederli! And no wonder, because these "dumplings" are the symbol of South Tyrol. Sweet, tasty, delicate... Every version of these is a riot of flavours!
Tip for food lovers!
Pssst… do you know which is the best ice cream? Artisan ice cream, of course! We also have it at the hotel, because there is always a "space" for ice cream!

- Johannes

Bressanone |  20 minutes

What to do:
Tour of the town

The historical-theatrical “Rendez-vous” tours in the episcopal city attract even the most sceptical tourists. A one-of-a-kind journey back in time!  

  • Novacella Abbey and its wines
  • Age doesn't matter! Unless you are a monastery, wine or cheese...
    Hit and sunk. The Novacella abbey in Varna is not only one of the oldest monasteries, but also one of the largest in Tyrol. Lovers of art, culture and wine will be delighted by the valuable collection of paintings and altars of the ancient Pinacoteca, as well as by the excellent selection of wines from the monastery's cellar. 
Tour of the town - Bressanone

Chiusa |  30 minutes

What to do:
Tour of the town
A visit to Chiusa is a journey in the footsteps of the artists Heinrich Heine, Albrecht Dürer and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who, like us today, strolled along the streets of the picturesque town. The town still exudes medieval charm, and it seems to have stood still in time.
Towering above the village is the majestic Mount Sabiona, on which stands the monastery of the same name. This monastery is considered the oldest pilgrimage site in the region. 

  • Round walk to the Monastery of Sabiona
     Chiusa  1.5 hrs  2.8 km  230 hm  Easy 
    This walk leads to the monastery via stone steps and criss-crossing paths. The areas that can be visited are the Convent Church, the Church of Santa Croce, the Pinacoteca and the museum gallery. The rest of the complex is inhabited by Benedictine nuns and not open to the public.
Tour of the town - Chiusa

Merano |  80 minutes*

*can also be reached from the Monte Giovo Pass

What to do:
Tour of the town

Merano with the scent of La Dolce Vita... The spa town on the Passirio has its own characteristic charm and allure. Under the palm trees, on the peaks... Historic buildings jostle with distinctive arcades... in a distinguished Mediterranean-Alpine atmosphere...

  • Merano Thermal Baths
    In need of a rest? Then the thermal park of Merano, covering an area of 52,000 m2 and with 25 indoor and outdoor pools, is just the place for you. Though seeing is believing... You can soak in one of the whirlpool baths with view from the roof of the structure.
  • Kurhaus, Promenade and canal paths
    In the town centre stands a magnificent Art Nouveau building: the Kurhaus, the most popular and symbolic place in the town. The motto is "see and be seen". Outside the centre, however, the promenades and paths of the canals offer wonderful views and a great sense of peace and serenity.
  • The Trauttmansdorff gardens
    This 12-hectare earthly paradise, divided into 80 different areas, never fails to amaze and elicit many expressions of wonder and awe. You can be sure you won't go away disappointed!

Bolzano |  60 minutes

What to do:
Tour of the town

The law states that anyone travelling to South Tyrol must visit the chief city.
Only kidding! Though it really is worth the while. Because here you can walk under the arcades, admire the cathedral, wander around Piazza Walther, and buy flowers in spring and gingerbread hearts in winter.

  • South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano
    The main attraction is of course still Ötzi, the mummified “iceman”, but the museum also has many other interesting exhibits.
  • Salewa Cube
    A cube-shaped gym ideal for those who love to climb!
    2000 m2 and 180 climbing routes... Music to your ears? All this can be found at the Cube, considered the greatest indoor and outdoor climbing gym in Italy. Think we're exaggerating? Then take a look for yourself!

Brunico |  45 minutes

What to do:
Tour of the town

Brunico is the heart of the more rural part of Val Pusteria and is known for its enchanting historic centre, charming boutiques, wine bars, luxury shops and many other attractions.

  • Messner Mountain Museum
    Two museums in the Brunico area were established by the extreme mountaineer, Reinhold Messner. The MMM Ripa museum, dedicated to the indigenous peoples of the mountain, is located at the castle of Brunico, while the MMM Corones can be found in the skiing and hiking area of Plan de Corones.
  • "LUMEN" museum of mountain photography
    Photography today, photography yesterday: interactive workstations, light and video installations, thematic rooms, a mega-screen and much more...

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