Attractions in and around Vipiteno/Sterzing

Let the treasure hunt begin!

There ain't no pirates here and definitely no gold, but we do have riches in the form of stunning landscapes and historical monuments both in and around Vipiteno, and there are thrilling adventures to be had for young and old alike. And you'll go away with a wealth of happy memories!

Stanghe Gorge *

The 2.5 km trail leads to the only gorge of pure white marble in Europe. The path takes you up steps, along walkways and over suspension bridges, following Rio Racines with its thundering and powerful waters. This protected natural monument can be visited from May to November.

Stanghe Gorge

Tour of Vipiteno

If you can hear ringing from the Tower of the Twelve, it means that lunch is on the table. At least that was the case in the past. This exciting tour of the town delves into the history of the symbol of Vipiteno, with the telling of many stories and secrets. Another treat? For those interested in culture, a copy of the Stele of the god Mithras can be found in the old town hall. The original was found near Mules and is now in the Archaeological Museum of Bolzano.

Tour of Vipiteno

Tasso Castle to Campo di Trens

Seen from the south side, you wouldn't guess that this castle was a "medieval fortress". But anyone who thinks that the walls were easy to penetrate would be truly mistaken. In fact, the north side gives an entirely different impression: the complex of the fortress has portcullis, chemins de rondes, loopholes and a deep moat still with an imposing old drawbridge. Tasso Castle was never conquered or destroyed, and today it is among the best-preserved castles in South Tyrol and is open to the public.

Tasso Castle to Campo di Trens

The Ridanna Schneeberg world of mining:

The Ridanna Monteneve mines boast 800 years of history in the mining and processing of minerals. In its heyday, this mining complex was the highest in Europe. Nowadays, people can come for an immersive and unforgettable experience exploring the lives and work of miners. Unmissable offers:

  • Ride on the mining train, interactive visit that allows you to "touch" the work of miners
  • Visit to the exhibition with fully functioning machines, a mineral separation experiment
  • Level of adventure: adventure tour (3.5 km) with tunnels, shafts, waterways, bottlenecks and mining test. And the treasure is yours!
  • Journey in the mine: a journey taking you up to the 2700 metres of the Forcella di Monteneve, with the telling of stories of many miners, of the dangers they ran, and of their customs and traditions. Return through 6 km of tunnels, partly on foot, partly by train.
The Ridanna Schneeberg world of mining

…many other museums *

Did you know that in South Tyrol there are 145 museums, exhibitions and collections of all kinds? Among these, for example, there is the Messner Mountain Museum, the Speck Museum, the Typewriter Museum, the South Tyrolean Archaeological Museum, the Rio delle Foglia Geological Park, the Hapsburg Fort of Fortezza, the Visitor Centres of the natural parks, the Provincial Wine Museum, and many more besides! So, if you are getting bored, or if your plans are dashed by rain or snow, there is always the option of an alternative programme!

* Free admission with Active Card.

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